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Nature park Velebit

Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain and it belongs to the Dynarian system. It extends in the NW-SE direction, taking hold of three Croatian regions: Lika, Dalmatia and Croatian seaside. Its natural boundariesare strictly marked: there’s The Velebit channel of Adriatic Sea on one side and fields „Licko i Gacko polje“ on the other. From the South it’s limited with the canyon of Zrmanja, and from the North it is separated from the spur of Kapela by a deeply engraved ablout Vratnik. The total lenght of Velebit is about 145 km, while its width is changing-the largest is up to 30 km on the Zavižan-Markoviceva rudina line. The mountain of Velebit is divided on The North, The Middle, The South and The South-East part. Such division is based upon its natural marks-geographical and relief ones.